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Thanks to the guy commenting on our recent history of the labyrinth. Well, coedcherry you know, is a real place, maybe I could make you met there.. lol You just know when you are right sometimes. Would be nice if somone how to arange things in the club. We once visited a club in Yorkshire, which had a single room very small group... most of the time hit the sign on the wall, but the good thing was that the table had the seat to the door. The room was so small that is between his feet, or go to the table. The room was empty when we entered, a handful of men came in and looked for a while when finshed asked us to play... ten minuets later the seats were taken into the billiard room. My partner wore a black knee-length very fine hands groping has played his shots edge their way coedcherry around the table. E ventualy someone took her new dress, which exceeded in the lap of one of the guys.... said Helped by a man on each side. We have been playing all three of us, and shot him. A truly great man called 'shag the dog, the boy laughed with her in his lap just moved her hips and said, ' I'm always ' coedcherry We did it to be included in the game, but most of the towel boys play tents. gotten his feet and keep the board of Kush, one of the guys playing pool that his hands and went again, and pulled behind the knees instead I just saw coedcherry a cock as specified in the pussy. then managed to get up and move to the opposite side of the table, gave a sign... that was before me with a smile I threw huge hand beween her legs that was flooded. stooped to play his shot, which lifted her dress for the boys on this side of the table for a complete view of sperm running from her pussy by the inside of your legs to get the dress dotted with white mucus. the boy who coedcherry cried before was very excited, was called at that... Dirty bitch..... sit in this.... Spread, moved abubtly feet back down on his hard cock andsat and stood around him bounce up and down, he cried, 'said want you, that in this ' brings a lot of laughs from the rest of the room. was a big guy in more ways than one, it was like a rag doll up and down... He held her ass cheeks in the while the men on either side of him, his legs bent open... we could all see her pussy slides on its axis, and then again at the top and beat and beat very forcably again. A couple of minutes, which began the great man grunted and sperm out very slowly around his cock. Little by little, the rose in front of the queue, a few seconds later, he opened her pussy and ran, wind and air bubbles trapped air snd splurting white sperm... I picked up the person next to him and said :.... Now... It is noted dog foot big man has left the room. Other things happened, but only gives a little insight into our coedcherry breaks. Dave / Jo
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